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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apple White

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yesterday I just went out with my grandmother, and I went to my zone (dolls zone) and I have felt in love with the ever after high dolls, so I got my first one! And it is Apple White! She is from the Royal and is super pretty and my grandmother said I looked like her, so another reason for her to be my first ever after high doll! I pretend to collect the other ones, cause they are all so pretty and well made! I will take more pictures to Apple white but out of the box! I am sure I will take some amazing pictures with her, she's stunning!

In the back of the doll box I found this Questions made to Apple White and her answers and I found it interesting to share with you, in case you didn't saw it or if you don't have any Apple White doll!

What is you most precious desire?
Be the most beautiful of them all inside and out.

What magical touch makes you special?
Every time I blink my eyes, the boys and animals come to help me.

What makes you scream " Curse"?
I don't resist to apples!

How is your romance in your fairy tail?
My prince charming and I doesn't have a relationship.

What's your favorite subject?
Realms management.

What's your less favorite subject?
Classic Kitchen.

Who are your best friend ever after?
Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes.

I hope you really liked this post and stay tuned for more!

And tell me who's your favorite ever after high doll?


  1. This doll is so cute and pretty!

  2. Well it's kind of hard to name only one. Hmm..My very favorite is Poppy O'hair. (I'm hoping they come out with a melody piper doll! 'Cause she is my 2nd favorite, Maybe Bo peep wouldn't hurt either :) I love; cedar wood, Raven Queen, I have Madeline Hatter, I also like Cerise hood, and Ashlynn Ella...Well I guess you could say that I like all of them! Sorry they're are so many! BTW-I follow your blog now! And I love it!

  3. She's really cute, and beautifully photographed. I like the idea that the doll comes with a backstory.

  4. Hello from Spain: thanks for your visit to my blog dedicated to Barbies. Nice apple doll ang fabulous pictures. I already did a follower of your blog. Keep in touch

  5. She's very cute, with a beautiful handbag! Lovely pictures of a lovely doll :-).

  6. Congrats on the new doll and the new blog, I just signed up as a follower. :D

  7. I kinda saw you on muff's blog, congrats on your apple doll! I also had one, but it got broken(dad got mad at me,he saw the doll and BAM!), I hope it doesn't happen to you too.

    I'm a follower now! ;)
    (ummm...could ya follow me too? :x)

  8. Hi! Love your photography - gorgeous, clear colors show off this lovely doll. Wish her head were a little smaller.

    I'm following you now. Thanks for visiting my blog to let me know about yours ;-)

    1. Now I am following you from your blog; before, I just got your updates on my blog reader.

  9. Very cute doll :3 Thanks for visiting my blog too. I'm following your amazing blog now :)

  10. Hello, from Brazil. Pretty doll! Apple is very cute, congratulations the doll.
    Greetings from Brazil.
    Could visit my blog? Your blog is amazing!